"SVI provides a provocative, revolutionary approach to organizational excellence..."

Steve Blair
Associate Director, Procter & Gamble

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What We Do

SVI brings a powerful combination of creativity and boldness to every project – large or small, simple or complex, functional or leadership – to create world-class development products, tools and curriculum. We use effective, cutting-edge models and programs to develop the mindsets and skill sets of employees at all levels of an organization.

Our clients love us because we are:

  • Trusted – We operate with the right motives, we’re highly responsive and we’re consistent. That’s how SVI builds confidence.
  • Credible – We are experienced and reliable. That’s how SVI delivers proven results.
  • Capable – We’re left brain and right brain; we bring the right amount of artistry and the right amount of engineering. That’s how SVI creates distinctive work.
  • Disruptive – We’re comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s how SVI pushes our industry forward.

SVI’s experienced, talented and creative team makes us the smart choice for delivering organizational development solutions that you can count on to provide measurable ROI.