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20 Dollar Eval

Develop Everybody™

The industry’s easiest-to-use, most-affordable, most-effective performance review system.

20 Dollar Eval is the go-to performance review for small and mid-sized companies and teams within large companies. You get access to a simple, effective, professional performance review system for as little as $20 per review.


20 Dollar Eval offers the features you need and none you don’t. The smartly designed web-based system includes easy-to-follow prompts and automated features. The result: fast, easy and painless performance reviews and a streamlined review process.


With 20 Dollar Eval, you get exactly what the name promises – for as little as $20 per review, you can provide high-quality reviews for everyone in your company. This simple, professional, accessible performance review system is the perfect solution for companies of any size. So you get great bang for your buck.


20 Dollar Eval helps you quickly and easily manage and maximize the effectiveness of your workforce. Its flexible configurations make it a scalable solution to fit your specific needs. You get thorough, detailed performance review reports that allow you to turn feedback into results.

20 Dollar Eval is so straightforward and engaging, you might mistake reviewing for recreation.

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It’s free to create an account, and you get two free review credits, so you can try 20 Dollar Eval with no risk. Since it’s easy to set up your account and launch evaluations, you can get started right away.

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