Blended Learning Solutions

A Comprehensive and Seamless Learning Experience

The complex needs of a dynamic company are rarely run-of-the-mill. After all, if the objective is not only to lead the pack but also to achieve outlier excellence, a blended approach to development is the most powerful way to maximize your results.

At SVI, we appreciate the uniqueness of your organization. We specialize in the thoughtful design, development and deployment of blended learning solutions that engage the learner and create true, long-term behavior change.

When you partner with SVI, you get proven, targeted industry expertise that’s the result of providing global organizations with integrated processes, programs and training that:

  • Target all levels of the organization.
  • Allow participants convenient modes of training.
  • Encourage learning beyond the classroom setting.
  • Support functional and leadership training.
  • Build and empower top-performance teams.

Needs Assessment

Every successful blended learning solution begins with a thorough discovery process, so SVI can develop a deep understanding of your company, your business objectives and your people development needs. Based on the results of the needs assessment, we can determine the learning opportunities that are right for your employees.

Blended Learning Design & Development

During design and development, SVI creates a blueprint, providing a framework that outlines the program’s scope and objectives, audience characteristics, and appropriate delivery methods to meet your company’s needs. This includes identifying the assessments, classroom training, mobile training, eLearning, simulations and sustainable technologies necessary to accomplish the program’s objectives.

Program Identity & Recognition

A blended learning solution is only successful if the participants understand the objective of the program and are engaged in each step in the process.  Additionally, they must create a connection with the program and recognize all components as one seamless learning experience that includes on-the-job support.  SVI will provide program logos, templates and a comprehensive identity for every blended learning program to ensure that learners are engaged and excited about participating.

Program Execution

In preparation for program deployment, SVI provides you with the custom content, detailed project plans, related technology tools, marketing materials and communications support you need to launch, manage and track your program. Our team members are ready to provide as much or as little hands-on training and facilitation to fit your organization’s unique needs and budget.

Get Started

Contact SVI for additional information or to schedule a consultation to discuss a customized blended learning solution for your company.