Forging Grit Book


About the book

Forging Grit is a fictional story that brings to life the science-backed theory that grit matters, and that any leader can develop it. 

Set in Nepal, it recounts the experiences of a business leader who encounters some extreme misfortune while taking a break from a special assignment in India. Through his own pain and suffering and through witnessing the ingenuity and grit of the people in a remote tribal village, this leader learns some life-changing lessons about what grit is, why it matters, and how to develop it.

Authors Mike Thompson and Stephen Caldwell unpack an understanding of grit as a passion for getting something done and the fortitude to see it through even when obstacles seem overwhelming. People with grit establish who they are and what they believe, demonstrate perseverance and tenacity, and approach challenges with a passion that fuels their drive to accomplish the things they need to get done.

Forging Grit not only paints a picture of what grit looks like, it provides tools to help you develop it as a skill for your work and personal life.

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Forging Grit  is available at book stores across the country and these online retailers:  AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million.

Praise for the book

Forging Grit is a great read! Mike and Stephen have given us a simple, well-written story about a man whose grit is revealed through extraordinary circumstances. If you want to understand grit better or be inspired to pursue it for your own life, pick up this book.
— Bill Dillard III, Vice President, Dillard’s Inc.
I’ve never read a book this fast! Forging Grit read more like a thriller novel than a leadership fable. A plane crash, a capture and an interesting cast of Nepalese villagers – this book will not only teach you lessons of innovation, perseverance and grit, but it will keep you on your toes along the way.
— Tommy Spaulding, Author of New York Times bestsellers It’s Not Just Who You Know and The Heart-Led Leader
Forging Grit is a great parable that everyone in business should read. There are so many important messages within this captivating and insightful tale that you can’t help but grow as a person and a leader.
— Eric Chester, Bestselling author of On Fire at Work