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36 Dollar 360

Develop Everybody™

The industry’s lowest-priced, easiest-to-use, most broadly deployable 360-degree assessment – the 36 Dollar 360.

A 360-degree assessment offers clear, concise and actionable feedback on an individual’s strengths and development needs. It is the premier process for communicating a full circle of perspectives on a leader’s performance.

Until now, the cost of 360-degree assessments has typically kept their use limited to an exclusive group of employees. The 36 Dollar 360 jumpstarts a movement of positive change by making 360-degree assessments accessible for all.

Lowest Price

Using an efficient and affordable web-based delivery method, SVI offers the 36 Dollar 360, including fully customizable competencies and on-demand downloading of quality 360-degree results reports, for as little as $36 per report.

In addition, the 36 Dollar 360 keeps track of the cumulative number of reports you purchase for your organization under a single account. Once you cross over any of the report volume thresholds that separate our plans, you will be upgraded automatically to the corresponding plan and receive the designated discount pricing for all future report purchases. Pretty cool, huh?

Easiest To Use

The 36 Dollar 360 web-based administrative dashboard makes customizing and launching 360-degree assessments a breeze. The 36 Dollar 360 interface provides easy-to-follow prompts and automated features, requiring no technical expertise to operate.

Choose from a proven competency model or input your own for highly customized surveys. The 36 Dollar 360 uses process-streamlining SingleSurvey™ technology. That means that those providing feedback only have to go through the survey once to evaluate multiple team members. Plus, if you are unexpectedly interrupted or lose your network connection, 36 Dollar 360 automatically remembers all your data, so you can pick back up where you stopped. The 360-degree assessment process has never been this simple!

Most Broadly Deployable

360-degree assessments have typically been reserved for top-level managers in mid-sized to large multinational organizations because of the sheer time and expense necessary for success. The 36 Dollar 360 relieves the pain of cost-prohibitive deployments, inefficiencies in feedback collection and laborious report preparation. The 36 Dollar 360 is the only scalable multi-rater reporting system an organization will ever need.

Getting Started

It’s completely free to create your account:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Choose or build your own competency models.
  3. Upload and organize an unlimited number of raters.


You can purchase report credits when you’re ready to launch your 360-degree assessment. Your account’s credits never expire and are available to you for the lifetime of your account. Simply use them when you need them.

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