Power Up eLearning Series for Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries provides a critical service to its vendors by offering them product training that’s easy to access and to understand. Vendors value this friendly, straightforward information that gives them just what they need, when they need it – not too much, not too little.

SVI designed and developed an eLearning series to teach Interstate Batteries vendors key product information, safety tips and selling techniques. It was essential that SVI partner with Interstate to understand its business and its vendors.

The finished product is a five-part vendor learning experience that:

  • Allows employees to play and interact – not just read and listen (or sleep).
  • Is highly branded and recognizable as an Interstate Batteries product.
  • Is straightforward in its script and text – no fancy consultant-speak allowed!
  • Is easy to understand, while providing the most critical content.
  • Tests users for understanding of each topic.

The series was created by SVI in Articulate Storyline with custom graphics and animation.