Technology Solutions

Give talent development programs a boost

SVI’s instructional designers and systems engineers create fresh, innovative tools and systems. We customize things like web-based systems and mobile applications, making them easy to use and engaging so that they promote positive, long-term behavioral changes. The result: Talent development programs get a big boost – and our clients are very happy.

Case Studies

AVA (Accountability • Visibility • Alignment) System for Project Management

SVI built AVA during a rapid corporate restructuring effort for a global retailer. AVA helps associates across the organization stay connected to important details on key projects – things like who owns different pieces of the project, due dates for deliverables, and progress reports.

After launching the system, SVI led focus groups and conducted surveys to measure its effectiveness. Those groups helped us make adjustments and develop a simple, easy to use web-based interface. We also built in flexibility so the client can customize up to 70 percent of the features, adapting it to changes as the organization evolves.

Associates now have an anytime, anywhere project management system that simplifies project flow and makes rapid communication of progress to stakeholders a snap.

Lifelong Learning Program

A global retailer approached SVI with the idea of introducing a Lifelong Learning Program in partnership with American Public University System (APUS). The program lets associates earn college credits while receiving internal company training. It encourages continuous education, and enriches the associates’ formal work experience and on-the-job training efforts.

We created supporting systems that focused on the following:

  • Course Evaluation
  • Career Portfolio Fulfillment
  • Employment Verification
  • Technology Support

The Lifelong Learning Program generated a great deal of excitement, and enrollment continues to grow.

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