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It's not what we do that is most important, but rather why we do it.

We love people.
We believe that everyone is worthy, but not everyone is seen.
We believe that everyone has potential, but not everyone is grown.
We believe that love is a verb and it's our greatest commandment.
For us, loving means lifting others up through learning.

That's why we develop everyone.


Who are we?

We are SVI’ers because at its heart, SVI is a team of close, creative, high-performing, and uniquely-talented individuals coming together for one common goal — to provide our customers the best learning experiences that we can offer! So, it makes sense that Our Core Values come from the heart too.

We bring our weird and wonderful.

We don't take ourselves seriously, but we're dead serious about our work.

Our heart for people means we don't show off, we lift up.

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